The 10 km starts at the Bagijnenstraat, near the Canadaplein. From there you run towards the Mill of Piet and you pass various cheering zones where many supporters are present to encourage you. Via the Nieuwlandersingel you run to the Emmastraat where a number of cool light acts surprise you. Then the participants run to the Toelstrakade via the Maurtiskade and approach the 5K point. Followed through the Kennemerpark to the Oudegracht and the Laat. Then you run through the old city of Alkmaar via the Platte Stenenburg to the Luttik Oudorp and Paardenmarkt. In the last kilometers you pass the busy Waagplein where supporters help you with the last kilometers towards the finish. The finish is at Kerkplein where fans and supporters cheer you on to the finish.


After the start you run through the Geest towards the Clarissenbolwerk along the Kennemersingel. Then via the Vrouwenstraat and the Ritsevoort towards the Oudegracht and to the Laat shopping street. Then you walk through the old city of Alkmaar via the Platte Stenenbrug to Luttik Oudorp and the Paardenmarkt. In the last kilometer you pass the Waagplein and via the Langestraat you reach the finish on the Kerkplein.